Saturday, May 8, 2010

If you're in a zoo, make it a circus

I hadn't seen this til last night. Maybe I couldn't stop laughing cause I was hammered, but this is really some funny shit.

Wasn't too sure about this song at first, but I'm digging it.

Hockey - Too Fake (RAC Mix)byRemix Artist Collective

And a chill track from Fred Falke, strictly a laid back instrumental.

Fred Falke - 8:08PM @ The Beach [media fire]

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Armand Van Helden Throw Back

Scotty reminded me of this track from waaaay back when we were maybe 13. I had it on my minidisc player after recording it directly from my computer speakers.

edit: If you want that to go: Armand Van Helden - Koochy

Modest Mouse Cover & Flight Facilities Remix

Pretty cool cover of Modest Mouse's big hit.

If you liked that Flight Facilities track, this remix is pretty good. Floaty and funky.

Also in case you missed this one...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Touch Bass Mixtape

Ian just realeased a new mixtape "Getting Warmer" pretty chill, I'm digging it!

only 100 downloads available so get on it.

*Sound Cloud*

A Brief Intermission

So I'm happy with all the content we're getting on the blog; it's great to have different musical tastes contributing.

For a change of pace I wanted to share some articles and films that you may find interesting.
  • David Foster Wallace wrote this speech on concious living.
  • BBC documentary by Adam Curtis about how Cold War psychological concepts have shaped our society.
  • Another Adam Curtis documentary about Freudian concepts used to control modern masses.
  • This article by Eric Schlosser explains why McDonalds (and all other modern processed food) tastes so good.

That Tree Remix

Liking this recent mix

Snoop Dogg ft. Kid Cudi - That Tree (MackAdemiX Remix) by

One more of the same:

That Tree Ft. Kid Cudi - (Clockwork Remix)

More DnB

To continue Hugh's tribute to Pete, here's his last mix, from 2007.

Peter Vallance - March 2007 mix

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old DnB

Diggin through a couple crates of wax I grabbed off Petey V (Yeahhhhhh) and I thought I'd drop a nostalgia bomb:

I'll never change I'll never change I'll never change

Bloody Beetroots- Pistols and Hearts

Stanton Warriors- Handz up

Bit of a weird one, but I'm kinda diggin it. make your own decision:

Beach Boys- Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors relick)

And another snob scrilla tune I got from John Lake:

Dane always provides... with a few killer mashups once in a while. Loving this new tune

Teh sickness

Take the Blue Pill

No option to download, had to use Free Music Zilla to rip the stream off of Nonetheless, a good tune.

Example - Kickstartsbytheindiedave

One probably already on your radars:

Classixx - I'll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix) [Media Fire]


That was much easier than I expected. Here's the link, although the rip is at low quality, if I can find a better one in the meantime I'll post it. The album is due out june 16th.

Example - Kickstarts [mediafire]

Snob Scrilla

Here, have some Aussie electronic hip hop. Massive 80's-inspired synth riff on the chorus.

Swedish House Mafia - One

Huge new track by the Swedish House Mafia. Summer anthem? Definitely this side of the river...

DJ Ramble

Figured I should post up a couple mixes from my boy DJ Ramble. He's been holding it down at Felicita's having a good year for himself around town. Have a listen:

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Wolf Parade Album Dropping Soon

Wolf Parade - Expo 86 - Out June 29. Rolling through the Vogue in Vancouver July 25.

The Radio Dept.

Chilled out dream pop from some Swedes.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

wonder how fast a remix for this will be out.

Eminem's new cd "recovery" was recently leaked, I'm not a shady fan but it's kinda catchy

Hip Hop & Rap

Relatively recent releases.

And some old favorites.

Flight Facilities and more

Been enjoying this chilled out track...

Also this spacey track from CSLSX.

This one really reminds me of Midnight Juggernauts' Into the Galaxy. (From Kitsune 9)

Yuksek - Supermenz [mediafire]

Super synth pop. (From Kitsune 9)