Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thought I'd post a Slum Village track to compliment Scott's track.

Sub Focus

A bit outside my usual listening scope but I really like the vocals.

Some Serious Bangers

Shabazz The Disciple is a seriously gritty rapper from the Red Hook Projects of Brooklyn. Even though he became affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan early in his career, it took nine years for Shabazz to drop his first solo album due to unfortunate events and strained relationships.

Red Hook Day

Hip Pop

Here's a song that I just heard for the first time the other day, definitely cool. It's by Elzhi, and a quick peek at Wikipedia told me he's a rapper out of Detroit who is a later member of Slum Village.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misstress Barbara

Lenonard Cohen cover, Still haven't got close to being tired of it.

Super talented Canadian DJ, not to mention kinda cute!

Etienne de Crécy

First, a video.

Amazing set... would've loved to have been there for it.

And here's another track from Etienne de Crécy in mp3 goodness.

Deadmau5 Interview

So I didn't realize that he's such a nerd. The guy writes his own Python scripts and his name originates from his IRC userID...

Interesting interview.

Weird ass music video, crazy catchy song.

We got tom toms bigger than a monsta!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some old, Some new, Some raw

This song by True Pseudo has been remixed extensively, creating a range of different intensities from the original.

An older remix of Digitalism's Taken Away, although this remix received less attention.

A collaboration between Frankmusik and Computer Club - a little gritty.

Computer Club feat. Frankmusik - Losing Streak [right-click save as or follow link to listen]

This last song was posted in the Jack Beats Essential Mix, but I don't think they did it as much justice as this remix by Lifelike which keeps the song intact. Although it takes a good minute to roll and another minute to drop.

DIOYY - Epic Last Song [Lifelike Remix] [right-click save as or follow link to listen]

Paper Route Gangstaz

If you missed it when it dropped last year, this album is worth a download.

Here's a sample track:

Primal Scream

Started listening to Primal Scream again and stumbled on this Calvin Harris remix.

too big, too small